connecting co2 and light sensors to arduino shield

I have a simple question, I have an arduino mega noard with a arduino sensor shield V4.0 mounted on top. I have purchased Co2 gas and light sensors from DFrobot and am wondering which pins I address to get input from?They are currently on the buckled cable ports named A0 and A1. Any hope with code also would be greatly appriciated as I am having trouble locating any!

You might want to contact DFrobot and ask them.

Depending on how the shield is setup, the sensors "ports" are probably connected to an analog pin. So you would be using "analogRead()" to get the value.

The light sensor should just be a voltage divider across 5v. So an analogRead() would be enough to give an idea how much light is there.

As for the CO2 sensor, you're going to need to find the datasheet for the sensor. You need to turn on the heating element for a certain amount of time, before you can take an accurate reading.

Try this: Product_Manual-DFRobot

thanks guys the advice is much appriciated...i understand your flustration with a newbe such a s myself, but just understand I know knothing about electronics!
Thanks Again!