connecting components

do i need resistors and all

the components

sorry it will not let me upload the pictures

I need resistors, capacitors, transistors, diodes, LEDs, wires, PCBs, Arduinos, DVMS, protoboards, connectors, soldering irons.

are you asking or telling

I am saying I use those components all the time for projects I make.

BTW, you can use to attach images.

i have all that i have a ka2284 a tp4056 and the servo board and uno stacked i need them connected

If you are asking if you need resistors with the ka2284 the data sheet shows the outputs have current sources, so you would not need them with LEDs.

I have not used the TP4056.

how would you charge the battery

does this seem right, its just that the battery is not getting warm do i need a resistor i feel that it is in the board

Here is one option:

yes this does seem like a better option and i have been looking for a wiring schematic for the one i have but it is not turning up

can i do this an have a kind of pig tail to my board

only when a power source is plugged in does the indicator work