Connecting Electret Microphone to 3.5mm stereo jack input


I'd like to connect an Electret Microphone to SpikenzieLabs VoiceShield's audio input, which is 3.5mm stereo jack input How should I construct a connector that will connect the Electret Mic with the VoiceShield's stereo jack input?

The Sparkfun amplified mic needs to be powered at the GND and VCC pins. The 'AUD' is the audio output. Connect that 'AUD' signal to both the right and left channel of a jack plug.

The signal from the mic might be too loud. The input of the Voice Shield has a 32mV input, and the electric mic on the Sparkfun board is amplified 100 times.

Thanks. Did that, works, but indeed too loud. So the Voice Shield's input is already amplified? Should I use a simpler mic with no built-in amplification? Or should I put something in between the Electret Mic and the Voice Shield's input to reduce the amplification?

An attenuator. Perhaps a logarithmic 1k volume potentiometer?