Connecting EM4095 chip to nano

Hello all, I was wondering if someone could help me with a couple of questions related to connecting my EM4095 chip to an Arduino nano? My first question is what is SHD and RDY on the pinout diagram (I'm not finding any answer with a search)? I found a diagram in the EM4095 datasheet that has a read only configuration which is what I want. However, I am not sure which pin to connect to on the nano. So, my second question is how do I connect the EM4095 chip to the nano properly? Below are some pictures of the chip, the pinout diagram, and the datasheet configuration diagram. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


Why buy a chip You don't how to use, if it can be used...?

Is there anything wrong with trying to learn something new? I don't know how to use most of the chips I buy, but there is usually an example and some wiring diagrams. I learn from the examples. I have seen this chip used with the nano, but there is no example of how it's connected. So, I thought maybe this would be a good place to ask for help. That is the point of this forum right? I need this chip to read a 125khz frequency.

Studying data sheets, reading application notes is a good start. Selecting the most desirable chip would be the next step.
What does that chip do? Google from the phone is not desirable here.

There are several examples that use the ESP8266.... GitHub - Crypter/EM4095: Simple reader sketch for Arduino IDE for ESP8266 (can be ported)

Also an old thread: arduino to EM4095 - #8 by suby

Thank you. That pointed me to the information I needed including the answer to my first question. RDY is clock frequency and flag. SHD causes the RFid reader to enter sleep mode.

Just wanted to follow up on this to share how I ended up connecting the chip to the Arduino Nano.
MOD -> D10
SHD -> D4
RDY -> D12

This code works for reading tags: GitHub - asetyde/EM4095: EM4095 porting for ESP32-arduino