Connecting esp32 to sd card reader

I’m trying to connect the Adfruit Breakout Board Micro-SD card reader to my ESP32 Feather ( I have carefully looked into the wiring and am almost sure that it is supposed to work: I’m wiring as following.

3V ----> 3V
CLK —> SCK (pin number 5)
DO ----> MISO (Pin number 19)
DI ----> MOSI (pin number 18)
CS ----> CS (pin number 33)

But, for some reason when using the example in the Arduino IDE: examples → SD(ESP32) → SD_Test, the serial port out puts Card Mount Failed.

Does someone have any exprience with connecting the ESP32 feather to the SD Card reader and can help me with this problem? Thanks!

Since you are using two Adafruit products , have you tried asking them?