Connecting ESP8266 to Arduino Robot

Hello everyone. Is it possible to connect the ESP8266 ESP-12F WiFi development board with the Arduino Robot? Arduino Robot: I plan to use the ESP8266 as the wireless connection between the Arduino Robot and the node-RED using MQTT. Any help or suggestion will be appreciated. Thank you.

For this type of usage, it's most common to use the AT firmware on the ESP8266 and communicate between the Arduino board and the ESP8266 via serial communication. Since the hardware serial port of the Arduino Robot is already used for communication between the Arduino Robot Control and the Arduino Robot Motor boards, you will need to use software serial to communicate between the Robot Control board and the ESP8266. Only a limited number of pins are available on the Arduino Robot Control board. None of these pins are compatible for use as RX with the standard SoftwareSerial library or the AltSoftSerial library. This indicates that you should use the NeoSWSerial library, which can be used on any pins:

Keep in mind that the default baud rate of the ESP8266 AT firmware is 115200, but the maximum baud rate of software serial is 38400. You will need to first use some sort of a USB to TTL serial adapter connected directly between your computer and the ESP8266 to configure it to run at the lower baud rate. Espressif provides an instruction manual for the AT firmware on their website. This process has been documented hundreds of times so you will find plenty of information with a little searching.

After configuring the ESP8266, you need to connect the ESP8266 to your choice of any two of the pins TKD0-TKD5 on the Arduino Robot Control board, and configure the NeoSWSerial library to use those pins. There is a chart that shows the relation between the Arduino pin numbers and the TKD pin notation on the "Documentation" tab of the Arduino Robot product page:

Thanks Pert! I'll buy a USB to TTL serial adapter to change the baud rate of the ESP8266 and connect the ESP8266 to the Arduino Robot Control board. Your reply helps me a lot!

You’re welcome. I’m glad if I was able to be of assistance. Enjoy!