connecting Flame sensors to arduino

I am a newbie to arduino. I am planning a project about a arduino robot car that has flame sensors and automatically turn off fire on detection, how can i connect the sensors?

What sensors have You got? Post a link to their data sheets.
Which Arduino?

the flame sensor :

Arduino Uno is what I'm using

That sensor has an analog output that will interest You. The digital out is an alarm output switching state at a certain temperature, set by the pot.
In the picture it looks like the analog output is the one to the very left, and that digital output to the very right.
Between those pins there is GND and Vcc, +5 V.

Connect the GNDs to UNO GND, Vcc's to UNO +5 and the analog outputs to A0, A1, A2 or A3.

there are many flame sensor modules and it appears they move the pins around.

for something like this, I would recommend you start with a search using Arduino.

Arduino Flame sensor
Arduino temperature control
Arduino socks // About 9,460,000 results

often you will find an indestructibles, READ THE COMMENTS, the flaws are often discussed
often you will find this forum or a maker page on the Arduino section.