Connecting i2c sensor to multiple-arduino system

I am using the TI TMP006 thermopile (link: TMP006 Hookup Guide - which requires an i2c connection on an Uno, which I will also connect to another Uno. This takes up pins a4 and a5 which the sensor requires. Luckily, the TMP006 offers two address pins so that multiple i2c devices can be used. The problem is that I do not know how to physically connect the components. Sparkfun offers a chart saying what pins to connect (in attachment), but does not show how to make the physical connection. Sorry if that isn’t very clear, if you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to clarify. Thanks!

I suppose that what I am looking for is a crappy microsoft paint wiring diagram using the ADR1 and ADR0 pins, as I cannot figure out how to do the wiring. Thanks!

This takes up pins a4 and a5 which the sensor requires.

All i2c devices are connected to a4 and a5. It is a bus architecture. Each device on the bus will have a different address, but they are all connected to the SDA and SCL lines.

The default address on the TMP006 breakout is 0x40. If you do not have any other devices at that address, you will not have to change the wiring of ADR1 and ADR0.

Only if you have multiple TMP006 devices on the bus, you will need to give them different addresses.

If you follow this link there is a schematic of the breakout board

Using a breadboard, I hooked up both the a4 and a5 pins on the second arduino and the outputs on the sensor to the first arduino’s a4 and a5. When I run the program, it hangs on the config method of the TMP006. When I disconnect the second arduino, it runs as it should. Surely there is a wiring issue, or maybe something else needs to be changed that I’m not aware of?

How are the two Arduino's configured? There can only be one master, and one Arduino needs to be configured as a slave.

Please post your code.