Connecting ILI9341 to Feather huzzah ESP8266

Hello i have a project where im trying to connect my Feather huzzah esp8266 to a 2.4" SPI 240x320 ILI9341 and am unable to get anything more than a white blank screen does anyone know how to connect the two of these and possibly a code that works for it.

Thank You

pls help

Adafruit sells a 2.4" ILI9341 based display with a pre-mounted socket for the Feather huzzah esp8266.

If you work your way through the documentation for that device you can figure out the connections they have used. Once you hook up your display the same way then their example programs should work.

Be aware that the resistive touchscreen on the Adafruit display may use a different controller than the one on your display.