Connecting IMU mikroe 9DOF click to Arduino UNO and read data

Hi everyone, I'm trying to use this IMU: with an Arduino UNO board. Could anybody give me an hint on how to connect it and which library I should use for the code? Thanks a lot to everyone will help me!

Did you try a Google search for "lsm9ds1 arduino"? I get nearly 40,000 hits including:

Adafruit breakout board.

Sparkfun breakout board.

That module does look like a 3.3V logic device, so an Arduino UNO which is a 5V logic choice is not an optimum choice of Arduino........

If you still want to use the Uno after considering what @srnet posted you can power the unit with the Uno 3.3V and use level shifters on the I2C bus to shift the 5V to 3.3V for the unit. My favorite is the MOSFET level shifter.

You can buy the level shifters ready made from Sparkfun among others.

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