Connecting IR-sensor with camera through arduino


We are a group of dutch students, and we want to build a system where we let an IR-sensor ''cooperate'' with a camera. The idea is that when the sensor detects some form of life, it gives a signal, and we want that signal to trigger a camera and make a picture. Our problem is that we're not sure what we should place between the sensor and the camera.

We've already did some research, but not with a lot of succes. We came across photoduino, but how difficult will that programming be, since we actually don't have any experience with programming. Does this require a lot of skill? We've already found a sensor, but we're not sure if this will be able to connect with arduino.

Our budget for the whole project is between 100 and 150 euros.

We're hoping that one of you can help us, even the smallest things could help us a lot.

Kind regards

You should be able to find cheaper sensors on for PIR motion sensor (Passive Infra Red).

An alternative sensor could also be an ultrasonic sensor.

PIR will detect 'body' heat movement, ultrasonic will also detect non-animate objects.

Sorry, I can't help you with the camera switch part...but one idea would be to get a remote or wired control for the target camera, open it up and reverse engineer it. This shouldn't be took difficult to figure out. If you post the model of camera you may get more help.

Finally, you should be able to do this for a much smaller budget :slight_smile: