connecting keyboard PS/2 to VGA monitor with AVR

it needs connection with AVR. may be mega or tiny.

Sorry a bit lot more detail is needed. What do you want to do?

In general a VGA monitor will require some video circuitry as the arduino is not up to driving one directly, it is only a small embedded processor.

50% of your question VGA will be very^2 difficult, probably impossible without substantial additional hardware.

Have you used google to search for solutions? What did you find ?

robtillaart, thank you. I've found a lot of information.I'll try to make something).

Richard Crowley low resolution is OK for the first step!

low resolution is OK for the first step!

No it’s the only step not the first one.

Skip the VGA for now, just use composite video. The TVout Library (which has just been updated, faster and better than ever) uses two pins and provides monochrome video with only two resistors. Surprisingly large amount of processing overhead is left over, if you look around I did a spectrum analyzer with the library, the Arduino had guts left enough to do real-time integer Fourier Transforms and audio sampling, while still generating the video output.

In terms of complexity, it's going to be your easiest solution.

You will find links to the library from the Playground.

sorry, I did not understand, how [u]TV[/u]library concerns to VGAmonitor.

Yah Rich.. I believe he's done a bit of tinkering in that bent. However, the biggest problem with going beyond monochrome is simply video buffer RAM. It's got to be in SRAM, so it has to share that 2k (on a ATMEGA328) with all the other variables and such. If you add a single bit (giving range of four colors/tones per pixel) it doubles the memoey map requirements. There may be some tricks that can be used that harken back to the '80s home computer graphics that could save a few bytes here and there, but that 2k barrier is the real gotcha.

To answer, the TVout lib doesn't handle VGA as it stands, we're discussing how it might be modified to handle VGA signals. I believe Sparkfun Electronics ( sell that Micro VGA board, something like $30. If you NEED VGA, then it's probably the better way to go that trying to modify some other (very complex) code.