Connecting L298N Stepper Motor Driver (Green) with Arduino

I have this L298N Stepper Motor Driver (Green), I want to control speed of two dc motors.

I don't find any post/tutorial showing connections. and there are major physical differences between this one and L298N Stepper Motor Driver (Red). :frowning:

I don't understand all the pins here. Where are EnA and EnB pins? What are these A,B,C,D (5 pins in total) for?

If I don't want to use a external battery(want to drive my motors taking power from arduino which is taking power from USB), what should I do with VCC and 5V? Please help :frowning: I am a newbie :frowning:

An L298 is not a stepper driver. It is a dual H-bridge and much more suited to what you want - controlling 2 DC motors.

Post a picture of the red one so we can see the differences.

Also, can you post a better picture of the green one so we can read all the script on the board.