Connecting LED Strip

Hey guys, ive recently bought an LED strip (
Im not quite sure wether its a 2811 or a 2812 since it kinda says both on the website.
Now as far is i know there should only be 3 pins on this kind of LED Strip: Vin, Din, 0V.
However my pin came with 5 wires attached to each side ( Ive uploaded a picture in the attachments)
What exactly do i do with the 3 wires that are not Vin and 0V ? Is it safe to just cut them away and hope that there is a normal Din put underneath them?

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . . no.

Red wires are the same as other red wires. White wires are the same as other white wires. Green is data.

Chop the connector if you don't need it, but whatever you were on about 'hoping' for a din somewhere, just no.

The extra reds and whites look like a nice feature to feed power/ground lines out to different points of the strip to deal with voltage drop. I.e., makes no difference where you plug 5V and 0V, as long as you're on the correct color and lengths aren't extreme.