Connecting LED's to Arduino Uno R3

Hi guys,

I want to control an 10 x 10 LED Panel with arduino uno. That's why I'm trying to learn how it works. I've done the tutorial with the Max7219 Module. Wasn't a problem at all. The next step now would be to buy an 10 x 10 Matrix which is about 50 x 50 cm and 10x10 LEDS. Can you recommend a good e-Shop for that?
Further question:

The Max 7219 Module has 5 connections. GND, VCC (clear) and DIN, CS and CLK. The LED-Matrix which I've found only have two connections like the one in the attachement.
Can u help me how I could controll this with the Arduino?

Thanks a lot!

I could guess, but rather than give you potentially misinformation, do you have a datasheet for the panel in the photo? Or a link to where you bought it? Or even a photo of the front?

this display looks very likely to be a WS2811/Neopixel, 16x16 Matrix - not a MAX7219 Matrix.
Please provide a link which product you consider to use.

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Thanks a lot for the quick resply. Here is the link of the LED-Matrix:

P.S.: Ich dachte, dass ich im englischen Forum die Antworten schneller erhalte.

Yes not a Max7219 Module but a WS2812B matrix.
Just download the AdaFruit Neopixels library or the fastLED library and try the examples.
You will need a hefty external power supply, calculate on using 55mA per LED.

these are nice modules, I use several of them.

a must read is the Adafruit Neopixel Ueberguide

p.s.: nö, die deutschprachigen sind auch ganz schnell ^^