Connecting Load Cell to HX711.


I was looking at an old scale and trying to connect the load sensor wires to an amplifier HX711. Similar to this one, but the load sensor that I am using got only 3 wires (Blue, red, White) coming out of each load sensor.

Looking at this tutorial, I am connecting the Red to E+(Excitation), the White to A-, the Blue to E-.

  1. What should I connect A+ to as I don't have any more wires?

  1. Then, on the scale, I've got 4 more wires: 2 for KICK - and 2 for KICK+, does anybody knows what are they?

Thank you for your attention,

Google "half bridge load cell" or "3-wire laod cell". You will see that you have to make the other half of the bridge with two (perfecly equal) resitors. Leo..