connecting max31850 to 5 v trinket board

Hello everyone hopefully I can get some help with this so I have a max31850 thermocouple reader controller and am having it connect to a 5 v trinket bi-directional controller and trying to get it to run on an arduino mega. I am not having much luck with this. There is a tutorial Overview | Adafruit 1-Wire Thermocouple Amplifier - MAX31850K | Adafruit Learning System

at that link but they are using a different type of control that has a high volt and low volt pin they are connecting to in their tutorial. The one I got with the kit is well setup differently pin wise

That is the link to the board I have any help will be greatly appreciated

The "Trinket" is not a level shifter. It is an Arduino variant.

I think you will need a bidirectional level shifter to use a 3V OneWire device on a 5V Arduino pin.