Connecting mega 2560 to rdm8800

P.S: i'm very new to arduino, so this might be a stupid question.

I'm trying to create a card reader where whenever i tap my card on the reader (rdm8800), it'll read the value and then write it in my program. I also do need to know how to store the data in the system. As part of my requirement is i only can tap the card twice a day.

Do give me some advice or source code..

I didnt have any experience with RDM8800. Seems like RDM8800 uses Serial communication. So you can connect Arduino RX to RDM8800 TX and Arduino TX to RDM8800 RX. Also connect other pins of RDM8800 like GND, VCC, etc. As a starting point you can check this post which will give you an idea how to read the serial data from a bluetooth module.

To store any data. If the data is very small and using Arduino Mega then you can use internal EEPROM but it has only 4kb of space. You can also use any external EEPROM like 24LC256 ( which has 256kb space, you can combine 8 24LC256 and can expand the storage size.

Another option is to use SD cards.