Connecting MLX90640 over longer distance

Hello, I am currently doing a project in which I am using MLX90640 sensors to create a heatmap of an area. I can already read out a sensor and create a thermal image. However to keep the cost down I would like to connect multiple sensors to the same arduino. To do this the sensor would probably be at a maximum of 5 meters from the arduino.

Online I have read that it is possible to create a i2c connection over longer distance using either a cat5 cable or a CAN bus cable. I was wondering what you would advise for connections over a longer distance.

Thanks in advance!

There are I2C bus extender chips such as the Texas Instruments P82B715 which is available at Digikey for about $2.10 to $3.75 depending on performance and package. Includes surface mount and through-hole (DIP). Appears to be called a "Redriver" by Digikey (it's a trademark)I haven't used any. A broader search on Digikey. There are "Long cable I2C extender" boards on ebay, it seems they are all in China.

Best of luck!

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