Connecting movement to a timer

Hi allmighty Arduino community,

I'm completely new to this so apologies for any mis-use of terms/language!

I've got a super cool height adjustable desk at work that I always forget to use, and I would like to build a little "robot" to lower/elevating the table. My ideal outcome would be that it just lowers and elevates itself every other hour.

I can't go in and mess with the actual buttons as it's the property of my employer, so I was thinking of building something external with two sticks/legs that push the up and down button, alternating every hour. Very ugly drawing attached.

Any recommendations for how I could start, or even which keywords I should search for?

Many many thanks for your time!

Skärmavbild 2018-12-01 kl. 8.00.28 em.jpg

What is Your normal working position? Sitting or standing?
If You are sitting then start adjusting the height of the chair to make Your knees having a right angle and the feet well to the floor. Then adjust the table to give Your lower arm and hands to the proper hight to an eventual keyboard. Finally adjust an eventual computer monitor to have its center where Your Eyes are pointing having Your face straight forward. That saved me once. Altering the hight of the table once per hour will do no good, if You are sitting.I got professional education about this once in life,
For a standing position, changing the hight of the table might do good. Still want to go on?