Connecting multiple arduino to android device

I want to connect my android device to multiple arduinos, the problem is I am using Bluetooth for that. Is there any way to connect multiple hc05 to any android device. I am able to connect my single module to android phone. Question is can my phone connect to 5 hc05 at same time?
Help me guys.

Probably not. Bluetooth connections involve "pairing" which implies one partner to the exclusion of others and any variation would be an android problem. I imagine the best/only option is to have multiuple arduinos connected to an arduino base station, which acts as a single go-between with android. This keeps the entire game in the arduino arerna and absolves you from writing an android app.

your method sounds fine,but my arduinos are at some distance so I need wireless connectivity. Is there a method by which I can connect multiple arduino to single arduino?

You said you were using bluetooth. You haven't said how many. I rather think bluetooth is best used to connect to the outside world and other radio networks used inside the Arduino arena. I therefore suggest something like a network of arduinos using NRF24, one of which communicates to Android via bluetooth in the normal manner. NRF24 have similar price performance to bluetooth. Having said that, if you already have blueteeth and multiple actually means few you could have a base station with several modules communicating with other arduinos, and reporting to Android. A Mega has four hardware serial ports and several software.