Connecting multiple arduinos without I2C

So I'm trying to connect 7 MAX30102 pulse-oxometers to a single circuit to get readouts on one serial monitor (don't ask why), but from what I see so far one cannot link up more than one MAX30102 to a single board so here's my question:

  1. How do I connect multiple boards as slaves to a single arduino MEGA2560 without using I2C (taken up by pulse-oxometers on all boards)

  2. (optional) Is there any way to connect MAX30102 without I2C?

  3. Is the thing I'm trying to do even possible?

I absolutely refuse to use any wireless connections.


Ah, well, there you go then...

Use an I2C multiplexer.

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oh my gods thank you for this reply! I don't even need multiple boards anymore

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