Connecting Multiple LED Arrays

Hello I have been researching a project where I would like to take four 8x8 LED (R/G) Arrays and arrange them in a box formation to make 16x16. My question is, is this possible to do? Everything that I have found on the internet shows LED Arrays running from left to right (8x32) and have even seen some comments that indicate that you can only program things to work left to right (or right to left) but not up and down between arrays. Does anybody have any insights or experience with this type of thing?

Hi, yes that's perfectly possible. The easiest and most readily available type have max7219 driver chips. However, these are only single colour. Make sure you buy the kind that can be stacked vertically and horizontally without leaving gaps between them. Some designs can be stacked horizontally without gaps but vertical stacking would leave gaps because the circuit boards are larger than the led matrices. With max7219, a large number of 8x8 matrices can be daisy-chained together so they use only 3 Arduino outputs.

Be warned that the Arduino's built-in power regulator will not be capable of driving a 16x16 matrix and you will need a small, regulated external 5V supply. 1.5A should be fine and can power the Arduino too.

Another type of matrix to consider would be one using ws2812 leds. I have seen these in 16x16 size. These are very bright and can display a wide range of colours. ws2812 16x16 matrix

There are read-made 16x32 rgy units like this one.

I also spotted this toshiba module but don't know if it has been used with Arduino.