connecting multiple minIMU-9 pololu on arduino

I am recently working on a robotic arm project using 3 imu breakouts for wrist, elbow, shoulder.
am using arduino mega 2560, Adafruit 9-DOF IMU Breakout - L3GD20H + LSM303. I tried to connect 2 of the imu in parallel to the i2c bus of the arduino ( SCL and SDA ) pins by modifying the example “tester” that comes with the sensor library to the following( attached code).

it had no errors and uploaded fine, the output seemed to recognize the 2 sensors and showed seperate readings for each sensor, but those readings made no sense! looks like they’re not changing according to the change of motion, sometimes not changing at all!! (attached picture for output)
my question is: is it possible to connect multiple imu breakouts to the i2c bus as simple as in parallel?! or do i need some extra hardware ?? is the addressing method i used okay? does the arduino board recognize the second imu after i changed its addresses?! please help

reading_from_2_imu.ino (8.75 KB)

I am sorry the topic title was typed by mistake. my title is "connecting multiple adafruit 9-dof imu on arduino"

Hi, You should be able to go back and edit the subject if you originally wrote it.

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