Connecting Multiple Modules

Dear All
I am wroking on my project and am currently using Arduino nano . But i recently realized that i have to connect multiple modules which include accelerometer, bluetooth , OLED display and GPS module.
I can only connect 2 modules using serialSoft library .
which arduino is suitable for my project MEGA??

Secondly how can i run two multiple programs at a given time . For example i want to read values from Gyro and at the same time look for intrupts .

Plesae help me

The Mega2560 and Teensy 3.2 both have three extra hardware serial ports so either would work. However, the Mega has far more I/O pins than the Teensy and all are easily accessible on the topside headers. The Teensy has some on underside pads and requires careful soldering to attach additional wires.

You can read any number of objects by polling them in the loop() routine.

Do you want to use more than one modules because of lack of I/O or because you need to be able to read both values at the exact same time?

I have to read multiple values at the same time