Connecting multiple relays (4 relay module) to Arduino UNO. NEED HELP!!!

Hello Everyone,

I am having troubles, (partialy because I am new Arduino User, and partialy because I am almost complete dumy in electronics), with connecting my arduino uno and 4 relay module (SRD-05VDC-SL-C model) right. Problem to solve is:

To make relays (NC) run on certain time!

application is controlling my aquarium light, air pump, waterfall pump, and fish feeding servo motor.

good people help me please!!! :cry:

one more thing: when I plug off usb cable and run arduino UNO on 9V battery sketch won't run. (When battery is connected led light on board is in "on") Tested sketch for controlling one relay.

So what do you want? You want us to code your project? That's not how it works. There are plenty tutorials about how to hook up the relays.