Connecting multiple sensores to appinventor

I have been trying to connect my pulse sensor and MPU 6050 to app inventor so I could see the data in my phone, but so far I haven't be able to connect any one of them.

I can make the sensors work in arduino and I can see the results there but then I can't send it to APP Inventor.

Doesn’t sound like an Arduino problem. Is there an app inventor forum? Maybe here?

How do you plan to do the communication between your phone and the Arduino? (that is at least in part an Arduino problem).

I'm using bluetooth ( HC-06 ), but the only time I could send some info it only showed question marks. And I don't know if it is the code in arduino or in APP Inventor.

Start with a basic Bluetooth terminal on your phone, and a simple sketch on the Arduino. All the Arduino has to do is receive characters and write them back to the interface. Make that work first. Then at least you know the communication works correctly and your Arduino side works correctly before adding the AI app to the mix.

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