Connecting multiple shiFt registers - where have I gone wrong?


Im not sure if this has been answered before but this has me stumped.

I am looking to hook up multiple 595 shift registers with separate data in ie:

registerOne will receive data from dataPinOne.
registerTwo will recieve data from dataPinTwo.

now the first register works perfectly, register two does not receive anything. if I change the pin allocations for one to reflect two it works as well. I have separate clocks for each register but a common latch. Is this where i’m going wrong?
how should they be wired up otherwise?

Thanks for you help

Can you post your code please.

Sorry I have figured it out, I didn't set the second data and clock in void setup() as OUTPUTS. :fearful:

thanks anyway

where have I gone wrong?

Well for starters the thread title needs some work :)


Hey Greynomad, I think that is a new type of IC that Intel is working on ]:)

Yeah, I think I read about them on EEweb a while back.

How's things down in the ACT? I come from there and still pass through every couple of years on my way to somewhere else.


You shit stirrer you 8)

Yes Rob you know Canberra... same old same old but I wouldn't live anywhere else

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I still like the place although I can't handle the cold any more. Maybe we'll cross paths next time I'm in town.

You know there's a maker shed in Downer that does a lot of Arduino stuff.


Got the notification yesterday that this thread was started through my phone and I had to do a double take because of the title. Silly little shit registers.

Oh I have only just spotted the miss spelling in the title. :roll_eyes:

They are really quite good registers actually.

As they used to say on Block Busters*

Give me an F please Bob.

  • Non UK readers google it.

You mean this?

That is all I'm getting that sorta makes sense. (I'm in the u.s.)

Greynomad - yes I'm not a big fan of the cold either. I saw that there was a hackers club here Make, Hack,Void (catchy name) and was wondering how strong the Arduino element was so I should check it out.Happy travels, Pedro.

You mean this?

Well it looks like the same show. In the UK it was a kids program:-

The big joke was always when a contestant asked for a "P" which is slang for urination. There was never a double entendre when they asked for an "F" which sounds even ruder but fitted the context.

Make, Hack,Void

That's them. I think the main player has an Arduino clone on the market.


Smart man... start a club, distribute a clone then hock it to the members. 8) That's free enterprise for you.

wow! this topic got all....wierd...

I could blame autocorrect or I could blame the lack of sleep I had around then. Pedro147, I believe the IC are due in the next Dell series computers.

wow! this topic got all....wierd...

That happens some times, I'm sure that if you hadn't solved the problem by post #2 we would have stayed on track :)