Connecting Nano 3.0 w/AtMega328 to Seedstudio 1.1 Ethernet Shield

I picked up a couple Seedstudio 1.1 Ethernet Shields on clearance at a Radio Shack that's closing.

All my Arduinos are Nanos. I'd like to connect the shield with the bare minimum wires required. It looks from the Eagle schematic like most of the required connections are over the ICSP header. Is there anything I'm missing? I'm hoping I can run a 2x3 ribbon between the two and be done with it.

You need at least the connection to D10 (SS) in addition to the ICSP header pins. D2 (WizNet 5100 Reset) and D3 (WizNet 5100 INT) may also be needed depending on your application (the standard Ethernet library doesn't need the INT signal).

Thank you