Connecting NodeMCU to internet via Android phone tethering

Hi. I want to be able to control Arduino from the internet using a www page with a smartphone providing internet access.
I was able to connect NodeMCU to an Android smartphone using it's wi-fi tethering functionality and I was able to control arduino by a webpage from that smartphone. However I don't know how to access this setup from another device via internet.

You might want to look at the Internet of Things.

If you do not want to go the IOT path, there is a hard way but it is not simple and not cheap.

To be able to access your device you need a fixed IP.
Typically your house router can be set-up like this if your internet supplier grants you this right.
Then in the router you configure IP forwarding to your Arduino device.
In mine you can set the forwarding per IP port to a device on my local house network.
Then if you access the fixed IP from the internet, the router does the forwarding to the Arduino device and you are done.

Thanks for the suggestions. Since I only need communication in one direction - from the web page to the arduino device, I was able to do what I need like so:
I uploaded a www page on some hosting platform. User interacts via form. The form updates a txt file. NodeMCU gets acces to the internet via smartphone tethering and checks the txt file. Then it does what it should.
I guess I could send some data through a GET request if I ever need it.
This may not be fast nor elegant, but it was easy to set up and works for me :slight_smile:

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