Connecting Nonim OEMIII module to Arduino

Hi people, please enlighten me.
Question 1: I am currently using 5V Arduino Pro Mini. Am i able to use the Pro Mini and connect it to OEMIII SPo2 module or do i need to use 5V Arduino Mega?

Question 2: If i am able to use 5V Arduino Pro Mini/5V Arduino Mega and connect it up to the OEMIII Spo2 Module, do i need to use a Logic Level Converter? Or can i tap the voltage from the board?
This is the link for the Logic Level Converter :

Do you have a link for the OEMIII SPo2 module as I'm not familure with what it is. Is this trying to solve a 5v Vs 3.3v problem?


This is the link for OEMIII Spo2 Module :

This is the link for a video showing an Arduino Chipboard connecting the Logic Level Converter :

Is this trying to solve a 5v Vs 3.3v problem? Ya, because the 5V Arduino Pro Mini will be connected to the XBee Explorer Regulated to obtain 3.3V from the Pro Mini and if i would like to connect an OEMIII module to it, do i still need a Logic Level Converter?

The OEMIII SPo2 Module will be a 3.3V analog input for the Arduino Pro Mini. As for the Logic Level Converter, it does not accept analog but digital input, so in order for me to use OEMIII module as analog input, can i tap the 3.3v from the XBee regulated Explorer as the XBee regulated will be 3.3v?