Connecting PS3 Controller to Arduino Uno with USB Host Shield

Hello! My name is Alex. For years, I've had an interest in robotics, and I was until recently involved in VEX Robotics teams. Now I am trying to learn to start designing robots myself and program them using Arduino hardware and software. In other words, I'm completely new at using Arduino.

I am currently trying to build a simple four wheel base that can be driven with tank controls (one joystick moves the left wheels forward or backward, and the other joystick moves the right wheels forward or backward) from a wireless controller. Following an instructables guide, I am trying to figure out how to connect a PS3 controller to an Arduino Uno using a USB host shield and bluetooth dongle.

However, despite hours of watching tutorials and reading guides, I just could not follow them because they were meant for individuals with prior experience with Bluetooth devices. I am a stranger to Bluetooth devices and admittedly do not even know how to properly set them up with my computer.

The image attached to this post contains the components I am using to try to connect the PS3 controller. Here is a link to the instructables guide I was following:

I understand it may not be an easy project for a newbie like myself, but I would like to at least learn how to set up wireless controls in this way for any future projects. Since I currently know nothing about Arduino or Bluetooth software, please feel free to treat me as such.

Thank you!

Edit: Since the image failed to upload, here is a list of what I currently have:
Sony made PS3 controller
Arduino Uno
CSR 4.0 Bluetooth dongle
KNACRO T45 USB Host Shield