Connecting Razor 9DoF

Hello All,

I'm currently trying to connect my Razor 9DoF ( to my Seeeduino Mega (Seeed Studio Bazaar, The IoT Hardware enabler.). I'm wondering if I need a Logic Level converter ( to dial down the voltage and since I'm new at this I'm not really sure.

I know that the Seeeduino Mega has both a 3.3V and 5V out but I'm sure if I can just connect the 3.3V out pin from the Seeeduino to the Razor and connect the rest of the pins and have it work. Will doing this mess up the serial data that it sends? Or will it be okay? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

From sparkfun's site:

The 9DOF operates at 3.3VDC; any power supplied to the white JST connector will be regulated down to this operating voltage

If you are powering it through the white JST connector, power it with 5 volts. It outputs serial data which should be read with no problem.

The Seeeduino can be run at 3.3V. Is that what you plan to do? If so, you can power the 9DOF directly from the +V of the Seeeduino.