connecting SD card to NodeMCU using GPIO 6,7,8,11

MY project to monitor my network and router is using all 9 pins D0-D8 to operate LEDS.
I need to log data to an SD card - but the examples on the web all require the use of

Has anyone managed to connect an SD card via SDI Interface using the pins GPIO 6,7,8,11
shown on the pin-out data sheet as SCLK, MISO, CS, MOSI?

you would have to use a mandatory CS pin which would be controlled by the flash memory controller. I don't think the SD library could work that way.

you can find details in esp8266-technical_reference_en.pdf in chapter 5. SPI Overlap & Display Application Guide

How much data.
I assume you know you can use part of the flash memory of the NodeMCU (4MB) to store data.

Thanks Leo, yes spiffs;
I'm wanting to save the ntp time on a 5 min rolling basis to monitor my broadband connection.
Having read this I wont worry about wear!

I'll have to rethink how I will get the data back from it - via the web rather then just reading the sd card; however it looks from Juraj's reply that the sd card route is a nono.