Connecting Single Microphone to GSM, MP3 Shield & Voice Modules


I am working on a project in which I am recording voice using MP3 shield, and also listening the voice through GSM as well. At the moment I am using separate microphones for both modules.

Wanted to know does it makes any issue or difference if I use a single microphone and connect it to both MIC- and MIC+ pins? As per my understanding, MIC- and MIC+ are input pins and they are just reading signals?


That should work. To be on the safe side fit a seriese resistor and capacitor to each microphone to stop one microphone making the other microphone act like a speaker.

I shall be really thankful if you can draw it for me, as sitting remotely without any illustration raises few questions?

Well what sort of microphone have you got? Is it one that needs power?