Connecting the Arduino to my circuits.

I understand that the pins/connections on the board allow wires to be connected, but there is a "problem" I see.

As I see things I have the Arduino, the circuit/s being connected to it, and the power supply.

I guess I could connect the power to the circuits I am building and then feed power to the Arduino from them.

As they are going to be connected and left, there shouldn't be a problem and the "mish mash" of wires are sorted out to put them in "order" for the Arduino pins is done between the circuit and the connector.

However: While I am prototyping that isn't always possible. This is made worse because there is only one connection point on the Arduino for the +5 and +3.3 volts.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get over the problem while PROTOTYPING?



It will probably be very handy.