Connecting the output of UNO to a regualtor system??


I have programmed my arduino to send out trigger pulses(HIGH/LOW) that would switch an air regulator ON/OFF.
I was hoping for some advice on how I can connect the two systems in order to communicate with each other ,that is the digital output pin of the arduino to the regulator?

Thanks in advance!!

"an air regulator" is super duper vague. You need to come with more details then just that...

Well a good place to start would be to prevent us guessing which air regulator you are talking about by telling us exactly what hardware you have. What kind of inputs does it have?

Sorry about that !! The air regulator I am talking about is Hokanson E20/AG101. It has , 1. A foot switch port 2. An analog out port .

Wow, that’s a very specialized piece of equipment. Can’t find much about it technically.

  1. Okay, but do you know anything about the connection? Is is just a simple foot switch closing two connections?

  2. An output isn’t very useful if you want to control something :stuck_out_tongue: What kind of information does this port give you?

That's what I figured as well. So what I am left with is a foot switch port. The foot switch can be plugged into the jack on the back of the E20 which then can be used as a trigger to control the regulator at will. However I am trying to take advantage of this port and automate controlling the regulator using the arduino pulse as a trigger.

It sounds like you just need a relay wired in place of the footswitch.

I’d first check the foot switch is just a switch, by unplugging it and investigating with
a multimeter.

Get a isolated relay board with mains-rated relay, assume its all mains in the switch
so you are playing safe.