connecting the pieces

Starting out with 2 Seedstudio 433MHz transmitter/receiver pairs, 2 HS-422 Servo Motors, an Arduino Nano v3, (no headers) and an Arduino Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield SHD-MStepper:

I am unsure of where to connect the 2 receivers,
also what pins to access the servos, (which are plugged into the motor shield), from the nano,
lastly what voltage does the shield need to provide the 5v for each motor running only one at a time.

The digital pins on the shield are already connected to the corresponding digital pins on the nano.

I had no problem uploading my code, but nothing happened.

My controller is a two momentary switch setup, with a transmitter at each switch.


I don't understand why you have two transmitters and two receivers but only one Arduino ?


Each pair is connected to a button switch -