Connecting to an Unencrypted Network

Hey! No code to add because I'm dealing with an interface issue, and my code is running fine (outside of not being able to connect to the cloud service or the wifi network I need it to be on). I'm trying to use the Arduino IoT Cloud service to connect an MKR1000 to an unencrypted network. Why not use another network, you may ask? Well, this is for a university project, and I have to use the "device network" for my university (I'm using sensors to monitor a 3d printer on campus). The network works by adding the mac address of the device to a registry tied to my student account, which I've done. The important thing to note here is that the network has an SSID and no password. When I go to add the network info on Arduino IoT it won't let me save just the SSID and no password, and when I put in a dummy password and attempt to connect, it fails.

I really like the IoT Cloud service and the dashboards in particular, and would like to complete my project using the service as much as possible. How should I go about working around this problem? I know I could use the standard Arduino IDE to connect the MKR1000 to the network, as I've done this on other projects, but I'm not sure how to tie the variables I need to be uploaded to the cloud to Arduino IoT from there.

Overall it boils down to two questions:
How, if possible, can I connect a device to an unencrypted network on the Arduino IoT Cloud website?
If that's not possible, how can I use the standard Arduino IDE and something like Wifi101 to connect to this network and update variables on Arduino IoT Cloud?


Hello @me395,

as you mentioned, right now is not possible to set blank wifi passwords in the UI.

Can you try to:

  • Open the sketch with the full editor (click on "Open full editor" in IoT Cloud sketch section of your thing)
  • Click on thingProperties.h tab
  • Set a blank wifi password
const char PASS[]     = "";

And upload your sketch to the board.

I've only tried leaving the secrets tab blank, but that makes a lot more sense. Will get back to you on that when I can get back to campus for more tests. Alternatively, would switching to Adafruit IO help if that doesn't work?

@eclipse1985, thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it still failed to connect. Is there any way I can interact with the Cloud Service on the desktop IDE using the ArduinoIoTCloud library but NOT the connection handler? If I can use my own Wifi connection implementation, but still have it update these cloud variables, that would be ideal. Otherwise, I suppose the Adafruit IO option doesn't seem too arduous.

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