Connecting to Flash

Need some help with my EMF detector
Yesterday at 20:56:56 | Modify | Remove Im a student of graphic design in Detroit, and i could really use some help.

disclaimer im SUPER new to using Arduino but i have doing a lot of reading.

So i found this project : <----- real cool

  • I built it and thats all gravy

The problem: I wanna be able to read the EMF signals in flash using the NETLab Widget tool kit (analoginput). I THINK I i need to add something to the sketch because none of the data is making it to Flash.

-Arduino (sketch app)
-NETLab Toolkit AS3 Widgets
-Flash CS4


int inPin = 5; // analog 5
int val = 0; // where to store info from analog 5
int pin11 = 11; // output of red led

void setup() {



void loop() {

val = analogRead(inPin); // reads in the values from analog 5 and
//assigns them to val
if(val >= 1){

val = constrain(val, 1, 100); // mess with these values
val = map(val, 1, 100, 1, 255); // to change the response distance of the device
analogWrite(pin11, val); // *note also messing with the resistor should change
// the sensitivity
}else{ // analogWrite(pin11, val); just tuns on the led with
// the intensity of the variable val
analogWrite(pin11, 0); // the else statement is just telling the microcontroller
// to turn off the light if there is no EMF detected

Serial.println(val); // use output to aid in calibrating



Flash is a licensed product. It's expensive. Very expensive. Proprietary format, too.

Using it in combination with an inexpensive, open sourced product like the Arduino seems wrong, somehow.

Anyway, not a lot of people use it, so you may not get a lot of help here. Just so you know.

Try looking at this:-