Connecting to 'landing page'

Hi -

I have a number of projects using the ESP8266 and (usually) have no problem connecting to wifi routers using the SSID/Password method. However…

One project is located in an area where the ‘free wifi’ is one of those where you have to log in on a landing page, rather than just knowing the SSID.

Does anyone have any good ideas as to how I can make this happen? Are there any ‘standard texts’?

Are there any 'standard texts'?

No, almost every vendor/provider has it's own design and wording.

Go there, follow the login process and sniff the whole traffic while you do that. Then try to simulate your behavior. Today often this isn't possible as the landing pages need a browser with Javascript enabled. In such cases you probably cannot use the "free" WiFi service but have to change to an acceptable alternative.

That's what I was afraid of!

Thanks anyway.