Connecting to mqtt broker...

Hi, I am trying the Arduino Cloud and uploaded the sample sketch for my simple Property (ArduinoCloudThing). I did not change anything in the sample sketch.

However I am still getting only $subject.

I have Yun running latest firmware, not Yun shield. It is connected to internet, I checked by pinging in SSH.

Is there anything I can do to make it work?

Having same problem.

First I thought it was because version 1.5.3.
I updated to 1.6.2 following but bricked the Yun.
Later recovered with
Now I have u-Boot 1.1.5-linino-gc0f42dd0 (Jul 9 2016 - 12:23:30), Kernel 3.18.11 #1 Sat Jul 9 16:29:39 CEST 2016 mips GNU/Linux, and LininoIO chaos_calmer 2.0.
But still can’t connect :frowning:

Do you figure out how to resolve this issue?

Best regards.

Cloud.ino (1.18 KB)

I got everything working by using Adafruits new MQTT library. Adafruit_MQTT_Library

You can load the library directly from Arduino IDE instead of Github, and it includes an example for Yun (with Bridge). It's not a full spec MQTT implementation but got me working in the shortest time.