Connecting to multiple routers [YUN]

Hi there!

First of all, I'm new to the Arduino world, but loving it so far. :slight_smile:
My current project is a gas sensor that sends its data to an online mySQL database. However, I'd like to use my campus WiFi to connect to said database instead of the standard ethernet cable for portability reasons. Our campus network always uses the same network name, and once logged in you can use it throughout campus while on pc or mobile. However, my Yun only seems willing to connect to 1 single router.

How come?
I have a WiFi network that is secured with WPA2-Enterprise. This isn't compatible with the standard wpad-mini package, but I got it working by switching it out with wpad. When configuring the connection however I needed to connect to a network, and it showed my campus network by router. (Can't give you an image now, I'm currently at home. I'll provide one later if that would help out) The situation is: about 5/6 routers with the same connection name, but with a different BSSID value.

What's my question?
Currently I can manage to connect to one router on my radio0. Would it be possible to configure multiple (or all of these) routers so that the Yun would pick the strongest signal? Otherwise my application would become very limited throughout the building.

Thanks in advance!