Connecting to my localhost

Hi guys, and thanks in advance to anyone can help me. I am currently doing my graduation project . And I am kind of new to the world of Arduino and home automation , so i finish working on my sketch using arduino uno + ethernet shield but the memory of the arduino was overloaded,dynamic memory (142%), for that i'm used PHP and I want to make it work with wamp to include the page(index.html) from it !! can some one help me to connect on the localhost with arduino ... thanxx

where it says change to localhost.

What you want to do with the rest of it is up to you.

You don’t connect to “localhost”. “localhost” is the name of the computer or device making the request. That would mean the Arduino would be trying to connect to itself…!

You need to connect to the IP address of your PC, and if the client class permits it, manually add a Host: header specifying the name of the VirtualHost you want to use (if you are using VirtualHosts).

thanks a lot :)