Connecting to Twitter?

I am new to arduino and programming in general. My goal for a project I am completing is to read a gas sensor's data and share it periodically on twitter. I have got the gas sensor reading down, but connecting to twitter is a hassle. I have been using NeoCat's library, and truthfully given up on it. I have switched to Markku Rossi's library, in which there are a few problems too. Many are saying these two libraries don't work anymore. Is there a code that works for either of them? or is there another service i can use for this project? I am keeping a deadline on myself, so if you can reply ASAP that would be great.

I tried connecting to Twitter a long while ago, then they changed there authentication method and I gave up.

Someone here is using a program called Growl as a way to get notified via SMS

Alright. Will try this weekend and update.

What I am toying with right now is on recommendation. So far is working great in just uploading status, I still need to try working with actual data/reading. Highly recommend to anyone who stumbles on this thread.