Connecting two 3PDT switches to Arduino

Hi, everybody,

I need a little jump start how to connect/code two 3pdt footswitches to an Arduino.

I don't have any experience with Arduino yet and the examples I found on the internet are sometimes still too complex for me for starting up.

I just want to know,

  1. how to connect the two 3PDT footswitches to the Arduino (the footswitches have 9 Pins, which one must be connected, and to which pins of the arduino)

  2. how the code must look like, so that I can query the following states of the footswitches (pressed / not pressed):

  • Foot switch 1 pressed
  • Foot switch 2 pressed
  • Both footswitches pressed simultaneously

It would be great if you could help me out here.
As soon as I have this Hello-World example, I could probably work out the rest of my project myself, but it's hard to get started here.

1000 Thanks for your support.

Best regards

One common pin and one of the NO or NC pins that corresponds to it. Use internall pullups via
pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP).

Wire the switch between pin and ground. You just need to use one pole and one throw from the
switch, you have a choice of 6 ways to do this, 3 for normally open, 3 for normally closed.

Which pin to Connect? Analog vor Digital?
Do i need a resistor between switch and pin, if yes which value?

Have you also a code example how to check the switch states?

As said I am a beginner so I need a little more detailed help…:frowning:

Try this Digital pins tutorial.