connecting two arduinos via bluetooth

Hello, I am trying to send data between two arduinos via Bluetooth. More specifically send data from one to another and then send the combined sensor data to a pc. I can connect the arduino to the computer just fine but can I connect a single Bluetooth device to two other devices. Or can I attach two separate Bluetooth transmitters to one arduino and receive on one and transmit on the other. I have a due so the number of TX RX pins is not an issue. If anyone has any suggestions on how to make this work it would be very much appreciated. :) The Bluetooth module I am using is an hc-06.

No chance whatsoever.

The HC-06 is a slave-only device. You will need at least one master, possibly two.

There are a raft of possible solutions, none guaranteed, but the first thing to question is why you would want to send data from one arduino to the PC via another Arduino.

You might

  1. be better off having two master bluetooth modules on the PC, one for each Arduino, both of which can then use an HC-06

  2. If there is some geographic reason, have bluetooth comms between PC and one Arduino, and use a different radio system between Arduinos, like NRF24. Again, an HC-06 will be fine on the Arduino.

  3. Check out here
    This does use bluetooth Arduino<>Arduino but the master is blueSmirf. It should be possible to HC-06 as the slave.

  4. Research using an HC-05 as a master on one of the Arduinos. I don’t think it can be done. This might be because it does not have the required master commands

HC-05 can be configured as the slave or as the master..

wow thanks so much that was wonderfully helpful i will look into that. i will probably jist connect them seperately to my computer. :slight_smile:

and then send the combined sensor data to a pc.

This might imply number crunching in the intermediary Arduino, i.e. data from the first may not be the data that gets to the PC. If that is the case, you might still be able to do that on PC by using PLX-DAQ, and doing the crunching live in Excel.