Connecting two Arduinos with long cable


I am new to this topic and want to connect two Arduinos over a long range (about 60-80 meters) by cable to send serial data (Master/Slave). I probably have to use RS-485 standards for communication between Master and Slave. Furthermore near the Slave there is no power supply. Thats why the power cable should be included as a core/wire combined with the RS-485 wires.

Is it possible to combine the serial data cable RS-485 and the power wire?
Can I power an Arduino with that longs cables? I probably need good isolated twisted cables?
Thanks for your advice. I am thankful for every hint.

I'd power the remote Arduino by a higher voltage and use a remote voltage regulator. All that can be combined in a single (CAT...?) cable.

Thanks for your reply. So I would use for example 12V and regulate this down to 5v at the Slave.
My cable needs 4 Wires/Cores? 2 for RS-485, 1 Ground, 1 Vin?

That sounds okay. With a linear regulator I'd try a lower voltage, but details depend on the power requirements of the remote station.

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