connecting two HC-05 modules

Hello everyone,

At school we have to fix a problem with arduino and we had to make a doorbell for the principal. We made two boxes, one with the 3 buttons for the 3 options. The other one is the doorbell itself and the 3 lights.
She has to be able to press on 1 of the 3 buttons to light 1 of the 3 LEDs: one to go away (red), one to wait (yellow) and one to come in (green).
We thought of connecting 2 arduino’s using HC-05 modules, we know they have paired because the lights blink at the same time, but they can’t exchange the data with each other.
Can someone please tell us if the fault is in the code or somewhere else or if we have to change the HC-05 modules.
The first code is for the Master with the buttons, the second code is for the Slave with the LEDs.

Thank you
(sorry for the bad english) (3.09 KB) (3.97 KB)