Connecting Uno-MKR Connector Carrier

I want to expand the capacity of my Uno Board to take in inputs from

I cannot get the inputs from the grove sensors to display properly in the serial port. I am concerned that it is because I do not have the carrier and the Uno connected correctly.

What does the code look like to ensure that incorporates the carrier into the board.

Can i simply define the the grove pins (A0) and then plug them directly into the corresponding pins on the UNO (A0 Carrier → A0 Uno) and get the correct readings from the sensor?


what? Uno and MKR Connector Carrier?
MKR Connector Carrier is for MKR boards
for Uno use Grove Base Shield

Give us the full picture. What kind of sensors.
You mention A0, so I assume you ran out of analogue pins.
A 74HC4067 muxer breakout board could give you 16 analogue inputs for each analogue input of your Uno.

I guess it comes down to not knowing what I'm working with. The Uno that I have only has a limited number of pins.

I am trying to expand the number of sensors that I can add to my Uno, and in order to do that I am trying to route the sensors through a mkr connector carrier.

the Connector carrier has one connector for one pin of a MKR series board.